Having healthy hair is important to feeling good about yourself. When your hair is healthy, it is shiny, bouncy, and full of life. However, we observed that with the growing demand for the hair care industry and query searches on the internet about different aspects of hair care, people could not distinguish between what is truly good for their hair and what should be avoided.

We found this big gap and started this guide blog to educate the audience about the best quality hair care products, techniques, and tips. At AhaaHair.com, we share honest reviews about different types of hair care products and services worldwide that can help you achieve better hair health.

We provide detailed information on how to properly maintain your hair, what to avoid, and how to select the perfect styling products. No matter what hair type you have, whether it is curly, wavy, straight, or natural; our blog provides deep insights on how to make your hair look beautiful.

Our Goal

About AhaaHair

Although the time is limited but we should not compromise our hair health. Therefore, we are here to provide you with all the essential hair care information so you can make an informed decision. We understand your struggle and want to help you get beautiful.

We strive for excellence in everything we do, from product reviews to styling tips and techniques, because we don’t want you to be in a fuss with crappy hair products or any other hair-related issues.

Our mission is to help you make wise decisions when it comes to choosing the right hair care products and treatments. We believe that you can make the most of your hair care routine with proper guidance.

About the founder Marta Kaelber

Marta - Founder at Ahaa Hair

Marta Kaelber is a hair care enthusiast and the co-founder of AhaaHair.com. She has a degree in digital marketing and brings her knowledge and passion for hair to the blog. She is a big believer in keeping hair healthy through proper maintenance and education. Marta loves trying new hair products and sharing her findings with her readers.

Meet the team


Sheen is a fashion artist with more interest in Hair Care and Styling with a grasp on all hairstyles. As the content manager for AhaaHair.com, she manages and suggests new content ideas; and of course, she is the one who shares a lot of thoughts on the blog.


Ashley’s only hobby in this world is trying different Hair care products on her own hair and later sharing her thoughts via her words, IG stories, and Tiktok. With her grasp of information about all hair-caring brands, ingredients, and remedies, she is an asset to the team.


Kai is a hair boutique owner who knows all about hair styling and maintenance in different ways. He also loves to review products related to hair so that his readers get authentic information on them before they purchase.


Gina is the creative mind behind AhaaHair.com. As a graphic designer, she provides the visual impact to the website with her designs. She contributes in creating an attractive atmosphere and making sure all content looks beautiful.


Kale is the editor and proofreader who is from London, UK, and works remotely as a content editor at AhaaHair. His job is to ensure the delivery is clear, the grammar is good, the images are attractive, and there are enough graphical representations to grab the readers’ attention.

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