Best shampoo for Remy hair extensions (5 tested picks)

Do you also rely on Remy hair extensions to slay at events? Well, it’s no surprise. Having voluminous, thick natural hairs in this artificial era does a dream come true. Now it’s just the remy extensions that add volume to the dreamy looks of multitudes out there. But slaying every time with your remy extensions can only be possible with great care.

Remy extensions, like natural hair extensions, can only last long and remain nourishing if you take proper care of them. Washing with the best shampoo for Remy hair extensions is a great start to it. Make sure you provide your remy hair extensions with the care it deserves. Wash it once a week, followed by a proper hair care routine to keep it silky and flowy, preventing frizz and dryness. 

Shampooing remy hair extensions is as simple as shampooing natural hair. However, with all my experience so far, I have realized that selecting the right shampoo with the right ingredients and knowing the right application techniques are crucial to restoring your extensions’ health.

There are several factors based on which you can make the right choice, and the complete information is provided in the buyer’s guide.

However, the most important thing is to check the presence of essential ingredients and oils in the hair shampoo. All the moisture in the extensions comes from the shampoo and conditioner you use, so make sure you choose the right product with the important components.

remy hair shampoo

Out of the numerous Remy hair shampoos I recommended to my clients, I have found my top picks that keep the extensions soft and frizz-free. If you are also searching for the best shampoos for your remy hair extensions, check out this complete article to find your befitting pick. Furthermore, for ease, I’ve shortlisted my top 3 picks with some highlighted details about them in the comparison table below; I hope this will give you a quick overview.

Top 3 picks (comparison table)

Selecting a Remy hair extension shampoo is similar to selecting a normal routine shampoo with no complexity. However, not every shampoo tops the charts regarding providing a professional style outcome. The top 3 shampoos that work wonders for my Remy hair extensions are:

1) Color Wow Color Security Shampoo A little expensive 8.48 ounces 4.6
  • Works on all hair types.
  • Sulfate-free
  • Works perfectly on colored extensions.
  • Forms an unusual amount of lather
2) SheaMoisture Residue Remover Shampoo Budget-friendly  12.31 ounces 4.4
  • Deep cleansing of extensions
  • Results in soft and silky hairs
  • Revives the health of extensions
  • Moisture stripping issues with some consumers.
3) Matrix Total Results Length Goals Shampoo Costly  10.1 oz 4.6
  • Preserves the moisture of extensions
  • Easy to apply and manage
  • Provides a natural look to extensions
  • Costly

5 best shampoo for remy hair extensions

If you are a little short on time and need help selecting the best shampoo for your hair extensions, then fret not because I have shortlisted some of the best shampoos for Remy hair extensions based on my experience The five best shampoos that would nourish your hair extensions while giving them a professional look include

Color Wow Color Security Shampoo 4.6
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Reduce split-ends and tangles
  • Shiny and soft hairs
Matrix Total Results Length Goals Shampoo 4.6
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Soft and smooth hairs
  • Smell wonderful
SheaMoisture Residue Remover Shampoo 4.4
  • Works great on extensions as well as natural hair.
  • Results in super soft hairs
  • Budget-friendly.
Nexxus Clean And Pure Clarifying Shampoo 4.5
  • Budget-friendly
  • Rids up of all sorts of residue
PURA D’OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Biotin Shampoo 4.3
  • Reduce hair thinning
  • Instant results

1- Color Wow Color Security Shampoo

colour wow remy hair shampoo

Color Wow color security shampoo is a savior for natural hair or natural hair extensions. This 100% clean shampoo works best on all hair types, curly or damaged extensions. It can restore the actual health of the extensions in little to no time. The silicon and sulfate-free feature makes it more desirable for extensions; you can easily use it on your Remy extensions without the fear of getting it seared and parched.

No matter if your Remy extensions are colored, curly, or detangled, this shampoo easily nourishes your hair and increases its life span without any second thoughts. All you have to do is apply a very small amount of this shampoo on your wet hair and rinse it once the lather is formed, and you will be ready for a professional style look.

I used randomly on one of my regular clients, and since then, it has been one of my go-to shampoos.


  • Brand: Color Wow
  • Item Form: Cream



  • Reduce split ends and tangles in the hairs.
  • Shiny and soft hairs.
  • Works best on all types of hair.
  • You might need to wash the hair twice due to the unusual amount of lather.
  • Costly.

2- Matrix Total Results Length Goals Shampoo

Matrix Total Results Length Goals

This amazing best shampoo for remy hair extensions from Matrix is specifically formulated for extensions hence can never go wrong for your Remy extensions. It is sulfate free, which maintains the shine and volume of all types of extensions while giving it a brand-new look every time you wash it. With this shampoo in hand, you also don’t have to worry about the color and adherence of your hair extension.

Perfect for deep cleansing extensions at home all by yourself. Give this astonishing shampoo a chance, and let heads turn whenever you go to some event.


  • Brand: MATRIX
  • Item Form: Liquid



  • Amazon’s Choice.
  • Soft and smooth hair.
  • Smells wonderful.
  • Perfect for hair extensions.
  • You might find the smell a little too strong for your liking.
  • Costly.

3- SheaMoisture Residue Remover Shampoo

SheaMoisture Residue Remover

SheaMoisture is a prominent name in the hair products industry. This gentle, effective deep cleansing shampoo is another best product for natural and synthetic hairs. If you have lost your extension’s shine or softness, give it a try and witness your extension return to life.

It is sulfate free and is made up of essential ingredients such as borage seed oil, tea tree oil, and aloe vera that preserve the moisture of extensions and remove all sorts of residue to provide a professional style salon look. This easy-to-apply and easy-to-manage shampoo is best to revive your Remy hair extensions to last longer than anticipated. 


  • Brand: SheaMoisture
  • Item Form: Cream



  • Works great on extensions as well as natural hair.
  • Best clarifying shampoo.
  • Results in super soft hairs.
  • Gives a natural touch to extensions.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Some consumers reported an issue that it stripped moisture.

4- Nexxus Clean And Pure Clarifying Shampoo

Nexxus Clean And Pure Clarifying

This Nexxus shampoo could be your savior if you also have dull and frizzy extensions. It perfectly cleanses and nourishes the extensions giving them a lightweight yet soft and silky look to match your style. Revive the authentic look of your extensions with this amazing shampoo consisting of a Protein Fusion blend. 

It fits well with all hair types and is safe with 0% dyes, silicon, or anything that could affect your hair extensions.


  • Brand: Nexxus
  • Item Form: Liquid



  • Amazon’s Choice.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Rids up of all sorts of residue.
  • Results in voluminous hairs.
  • You might find the scent disturbing.

5- PURA D’OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Biotin Shampoo

PURA D’OR Original

PURA D’OR – best shampoo for remy hair extensions, winning people’s hearts with its amazing properties. This gentle yet amazing shampoo combines nature and science that works best on all hair types. It has fascinating natural extracts and essential components that tend to damage hair and reduce hair fall greatly.

The clinically proven of this shampoo is what makes it more authentic and trustworthy. I have been shampooing my rent extensions and natural hair with this premium shampoo and have not regretted it since then.


  • Brand: PURA D’OR
  • Item Form: Liquid



  • Amazon’s Choice.
  • Reduce hair thinning.
  • Works best even on oily scalps.
  • Instant results.
  • You might find your hair extensions dry after using it.

How to choose the right shampoo for Remy hair extensions

You can easily select the best-fitting shampoo for your Remy extensions keeping in mind some of the essential factors, which include:


Always check the components of the shampoo before buying it. Ensure you avoid shampoos containing sulfates, silicone, alcohol, or any harsh chemicals to preserve your Remy extensions. Go for shampoos with natural elements and oils to help your extensions keep soft, silky, and shiny.

Hair Extension Type

Remy hair extensions

Remember your hair extension type before going on a shampoo hunt. Not every shampoo would suit your Remy hair extension types. Some could intercede with the adherence of your extension, or some could affect the color of your extension, so make sure you select the right shampoo for your hair wisely.

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Hair extensions are as sensitive as your natural hair, requiring great care and utmost attention. You will lose the shine and smoothness of your extensions in no time if not given proper care. Hence, ensure you tend to your extensions timely with the right products, and what is better than starting with a premium quality shampoo? Shampooing Remy hair extensions can revive your extension’s life up to a great extent. There are many shampoos out there but not all work best on extensions, so keep in mind the essential factors in selecting the right shampoo for your extensions.