Does arctic fox wash out completely & how long does it last!

Girls love dyeing their hair to enjoy a fresh and more beautiful look than before. However, when it comes to selecting from a variety of hair dye brands to pick out their favorite color, the majority prioritize the arctic fox. That being said, there are lots of queries about the longevity, quality, and questions like does arctic fox wash out completely, how to get it out from hair, and after how many washes (I will be covering each in detailed). 

The Arctic fox has become the trusted hair dye brand for offering an array of vibrant shades. The best part about it is the semi-permanent hair color that does not bind you to carry the same shade with a long-term commitment. 

So, the hype is real! 

If luckily, it is the first time you come across this brand, you must have some uncertainty about the product, and girls are often intrigued to get the answer, 

Does arctic fox wash out completely”? 

does arctic fox wash out completely

I have come up with a post to help you understand better what this brand has the best to offer your hair!  

How Long Does Arctic Fox Last?

Who would not be interested to know how long they are going to wear their favorite hair dye? Unlike bleach, which penetrates down the hair core, hair dye works by forming a film layer on hair strands, making it possible to switch the hair color quite often.

arctic fox hair color

The semi-permanent hair shade of the Arctic lasts up to 2 weeks maximum or 12 to 24 washes depending upon the care you do to slow down the fading process. This dye color is more susceptible to high-temperature stylings and heavy-duty shampoos.

The shade intensity is another factor that influences the time of how long your hair dye takes to wash off completely. The high-intensity hair color dye usually takes 30 to 35 washes to fade away completely while the less-intensity arctic shade stays for around 24 washes. 

Does arctic fox wash out completely?

Are you missing your natural hair color just after weeks of getting Arctic Fox hair color dye? Young girls do care that does arctic fox fade completely or not. 

Unlike the permanent hair color dye, the arctic’s semi-permanent shade makes it possible to get back your natural hair after it completes its lifespan. 

Hair color lifespan

Arctic Fox washes out completely after approximately 12 to 24 washes, although it can fade even sooner if you are using a high-duty shampoo or wash your hair every other day. If you apply a high intensity hair color dye, it may take some extra time to wash out completely thus there is no fixed period to share how fast does arctic fox fade.

Still, if you can not wait for your hair color dye to fade off naturally, you can try using  Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Remover to instantly get your natural hair color back. 

How to rinse out arctic fox?

Guide to rinse arctic fox

The semi-permanent color of the Arctic Fox allows getting back your natural hair without any damage after it completes its lifespan. Still, many women inquire “Does Arctic Fox wash out completely”

The good reply: Yes! 

Here is what to do if you are looking forward to rinsing out arctic fox completely.

– Mix the dandruff shampoo with baking soda 

When it comes to rinsing out arctic fox completely, you need to be very gentle with your hair. Mix the dandruff shampoo with baking soda thoroughly and apply it on the strands to lift the hair color dye easily. 

– Try a clarifying shampoo 

Clarifying shampoo serves two in one when it comes to gradually lightening or removing the hair color. Along with removing excess buildup, it will lighten up the dye and bring back the natural shade without any possible damage to the strands.

How to make your Arctic Fox hair color last longer

And here comes my favorite part of this post to share with you some tips and tricks to help your Arctic Fox hair shade last longer!

semi permanent hair dye

1. Leave Arctic Fox on for a sufficient time

The first step in making your hair shade last longer is to follow the procedure when applying it to your hair.

Does leaving arctic fox in longer help? 

Yes! – Here is why

Leave the color dye for a sufficient time, approximately about 30 minutes to let it better sit on the strands to offer you a stylish and long-lasting look. 

2. Use a shower cap with your hair dye on

The next secret tip that worked for me was to put on the shower cap after applying hair dye. Yes! When you apply the hair toner with your shower cap on, it adds heat to it and allows the hair shaft to better grab the color than ever before. 

3. Avoid frequent hair wash

Avoiding frequent hair wash is another best way to avoid the stripping of your hair color so fast. The more you wash your hair, the more the pigments are prone to strip off easily. Washing your dyed locks every other day or 2 to 3 times a week can make a huge difference, and allow you to enjoy the dye color a little longer.

4. Use cold water for hair washing

 The next care tip to avoid shade fading is to never use hot water to wash your dyed hair. The hot water does not go well with the cuticles and lets the hair color bleed instantly. 

Go for lukewarm or cold water to wash your hair as cold water does not open the cuticle to the point, to let hair color escape and fade the touch. 

5. Use Sulfate free shampoo

Next time you step in to wash your arctic dyed hair locks, make sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo to enjoy deep-rooted hair color. 

Shampoo with sulfates acts harshly on the scalp and strands during the deep cleaning process, triggering the hair shade to fade away fasten. 

6. Skip the heating tool

Did you know using heating tools on dyed hairs is not recommended? 

Heating tools are to be blamed for before time fading of the hair dye. Using straighteners or hair dryers damages the health of cuticles, and results in frizzy hair – making the hair cuticles unfit to keep the dye color locked in properly. So, it will be good to not put heat on your hair with the hair dye on.

7. Avoid hair contact with chlorinated water

Partying on the beach or a pool is all fun until you are there styling with your dyed locks. The dyed hairs ask for extra care to avoid direct contact with chlorinated water to increase the lifespan of pigments. 

To avoid contact with chlorinated water, wear a swimming cap. Also, after leaving the pool, immediately wash your hair to remove any possible particulates that could affect your much-loved arctic hair dye.

8. Combine conditioner with hair color

If you want to best enjoy the arctic fox hair color, try mixing the conditioner with the hair toner, and apply it to your hair. The best part of doing so is to achieve double benefits. 

The moisturizer will work as a pigment mask, as well as give a retouch by depositing the pigment to add life to the fading shades.

Summing up

Arctic fox helps a lot with its vibrant, semi permanent shades. No matter how intense the toner shade you apply, make sure to act upon all the above-mentioned tips and tricks to make your hair color last longer. 

I hope you got all your queries answered about if arctic fox washes out completely or what to do to make it long lasting. 

Still, if none of the above tips work for you, I suggest you look for a professional hairdresser to get your issue solved. 

Enjoy happy shaded hair!