hair extension shampoo

5 best shampoos for hand-tied extensions

Wanting longer and fuller hair is a natural yearning for most women. However, not everybody is gifted with it genetically. In this case, it is perfectly alright to gift yourself the look you desire through hair extensions. Hand-tied extensions are getting popular by the day. Since they are easier to style and last longer, people … Read more

Purple shampoo removal hair guide

How to get purple shampoo out of hair extensions

Have you ever witnessed your hair extensions turning shades of purple or blue? I am sure you must have if you have got bleached, white, or blonde-colored extensions. On one side, these beautiful colored extensions make you look impeccable, but on the other, they quickly fade to a yellow tone. And what is better than … Read more

Hair extension straightening

Can you straighten hair extensions – If yes then how?

Hair extensions are loved for all the right reasons among fashion divas. A quick fix to hair volume, instant unlimited hairstyle switching, and giving the prompt option to change the extension texture.  Yes, you read it right! – With the hair extensions, you are all free to turn your curly extension into the straight one … Read more

extension hair glue

9 best hair glue for extensions based on my experience

Your beautiful, abundant hair is necessary to complete your flawless appearance. However, nowadays, following the hair care routine to maintain voluminous, fluffy hair is a dream with multiple hair problems on board. That’s where hair extensions come in, our ultimate rescue to look flawless. Statistics show that 81% of women feel that hairs affect their … Read more

Why is my hair so tangled after washing

Why is my hair so tangled after washing (12 possibilities)

Do your beautiful hair matt when you get a shower bath, and you find it difficult to run your brush down your hair swiftly? I had to face a similar issue, which was a frustrating experience enough to ruin my mood as such hair demands extra time for makeup.   You must be super concerned about … Read more

Hair mask before or after shampoo

Do you use a hair mask before or after shampooing?

Grooming and a healthy lifestyle are something we all look forward to, and self-care is supposed to be the first and foremost step towards it. When it comes to following the hair care routine, one gets confused about the actual approach to it and questions which product should be applied first for effective results.  Our … Read more

Hair dye

Does arctic fox wash out completely & how long does it last!

Girls love dyeing their hair to enjoy a fresh and more beautiful look than before. However, when it comes to selecting from a variety of hair dye brands to pick out their favorite color, the majority prioritize the arctic fox. That being said, there are lots of queries about the longevity, quality, and questions like … Read more