Can you straighten hair extensions – If yes then how?

Hair extensions are loved for all the right reasons among fashion divas. A quick fix to hair volume, instant unlimited hairstyle switching, and giving the prompt option to change the extension texture. 

Yes, you read it right! – With the hair extensions, you are all free to turn your curly extension into the straight one or any other texture.

Surprisingly, many people do not know “how can you straighten hair extensions?” and that’s what we’ll discuss today.

Hair extension straightening can be done with your extension on your head or doing it separately. Continue reading this guide to learn about the right approach to enjoy flexing with straight hair with extensions. 

In this guide, I covered,

  • Straightening hair extensions separately
  • Straighten hair extensions attached to your natural hair
  • Bonus: Straighten hair extensions without using heat

How can you straighten hair extensions separately?

how can you straighten hair extensions seperately

Straightening the hair extension separately is the easiest and quick way to get a flawless look within minutes and can be perfectly done without assistance.  

All you need is a flat iron with you, and you are ready to go! 

Before subjecting your extension to flat ironing, it is important to prepare them to avoid any possible heat damage and maintain the quality of the extension. Here is how to straighten hair extensions.

Step 1: Unclip the extension 

If you have been using a hair extension, it is time to unclip it and prepare it for the smoothening procedure so you can begin straightening your hair separately. Hang your extension or put it on a flat surface to proceed with hair straightening. 

Step 2: Wash your extension

Before turning on the flat iron, ensure your extension is clean of dirt. After the extension straightens, washing your extension may lead to a rough straight hair texture, affecting its beauty.

If you feel a dirt layer on the extension, Get it gently washed with a sulfate-free shampoo, followed by a conditioner to extend the lifespan of the extension. (Click later here to read the guide if you’re washing for the first time)

Let the hair extension air dry later.

Step 3: Remove tangles 

The next step is to brush the extension gently, to remove the tangles and make the hair straightening easier. 

Step 4: Apply a heat-protectant spray

heat protectant spray

Now get your hands on a heat protectant spray. Applying a heat protectant spray to the curls of the hair extension is the best course of action to avoid any damage from hot styling tools. This will straighten out your curly extension, giving it a smooth, shiny appearance, and smooth out the strands.

Step 5: Section the wefts and turn on flat iron 

It’s time to place your hair extension on a flat surface, section the strands, and run the flat iron from the base to the bottom ends. Do the same with each sectioned weft until all the strands give a perfectly straight look. 

Straightening would take a little time if you had previously curled the strands. 

Straightening the extension separately requires little effort, and you are good to go to turn your curly extension into a straight one when running out of hairstyling time. 

Straighten hair extensions attached to your natural hair

Curly hair extension straightening

It must be on your mind if “can you straighten hair extensions attached to your natural hair?”

The extension may require quite a bit of extra time to uncurl while still fastened to your natural hair, but it creates a flawless appearance by seamlessly integrating with the natural hair. Here is a how-to guide to help you out!

Step 1: Wash your hair

If you are looking forward to straightening your hair extension blended with your natural hair, the first step is washing your hair to remove the dirt and smoothen the curls. Use a shampoo specially designed for straight hair to smoothen the cuticle and make the process easy.   

Step 2: Comb the strands

The next step to follow is to comb the hair gently. Since the extension is attached to your natural hair, the hair volume can make the brushing a little harder. It is recommended to use a detangling spray before combing the hair. 

Step 3: Apply a heat protectant 

Like before, before starting the flat ironing, use a heat protectant spray to save your natural and extension strands from hot styling damage. 

Step 4: Hair sectioning 

Now section your hair so the flat iron can easily run through each sectioned portion. Putting a portion of the strand on the front to iron and clipping the rest works best with voluminous hair straightening. 

Use the heating tool with the right approach, i.e, ironing the strand from top to bottom until the desired result is achieved.

Straighten hair extensions without using heat

extension straightening without heat

Being super conscious about your extension is all normal. If you are hesitant to smoothen the curls by flat ironing, the same results can be achieved using a blow dryer without compromising the promised results. Here is what to do. 

Step 1: Wash the extension and towel-dry it 

If you want to achieve straight hair with extension by blow drying it, first wash your extension to smoothen the wefts. Now, towel-dry it gently. Make sure not to rub the extension with the towel hard, or the texture will be damaged. 

Step 2: Put on a hair-smoothening serum 

Now get your hands on a hair-smoothening serum. Get a few drops on your finger, apply them to the strands and brush your hair. 

Step 3: Set the blow dryer to a cold setting

It’s time to set your blow dryer to cold settings. Once done, blow dry your hair wetted with the serum to get a flawless straight hair extension in no time. 

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Can I straighten curly hair extensions?

It is set to straighten curly hair if your curly extension is free from knots, properly washed, and layered with a heat-protectant spray. 

Can you straighten Remy hair extensions?

You can straighten your Remy hair the way you do your natural hair. The possible heat damage to the extension can be prevented by applying heat protectant spray before flat ironing.

What heat should you straighten extensions?

Using the heating tool at higher degrees can damage the extension and abate its shine. Keep the heating tool above 120C/250F degrees to maintain the extension’s health. 

How can I make my extensions smooth again?

To bring back smoothness and shine to your extension, always use a sulfate-free shampoo to wash the hair, followed by conditioning. Also, brush your hair with the right technique, and detangle the wefts daily. 


Hair extension straightening

I hope this guide helped answer your query about “how can you straighten hair extensions.” Turning your curly extension into the smoothen one is no more difficult with flat ironing tools, and the same can be achieved by using shampoos for straight hair extension or by blow drying. 

While enjoying your smoothen strands, remember to offer proper moisture and aftercare to your precious strands.