Sew in hair extensions pros and cons (Detailed Guide)

Among the different types of extensions common in the hair industry, sew-in hair extensions made it to the top of the preferable hair extensions among fashion divas due to their natural appearance and minimal aftercare requirements. 

Are you looking forward to getting a sew-in hair extension to add volume to your hair and enjoy a new look just because your favorite Jennifer Lopez recently styled in it?  – Quite a risky decision! 

sew in hair extension

It is important to pick the correct hair extension based on hair type, price range, and lifestyle you follow. 

I have your back to help you understand what sew-in extensions are and the look they offer. I will also be covering the sew in hair extensions pros and cons to assist you in making the right decision. 

What are sew-in hair extensions?

Hair extension is a common technique followed around the globe by beauty enthusiasts to lengthen or volume their hair. The extension technique works as a blessing for women with short hair to enjoy styling their hair a new way every day. 

pros and cons of sew in

The term “sew-in hair extension” refers to the process of installing natural or synthetic hairs to braided human hair. This type of hair extension has been quite popular for the lesser aftercare required. The pros of getting it installed are that it also allows enjoying physical activities such as sports, dancing, etc., without being worried about the extension of losing and falling down. 

From choosing the desired extension length to plumping to your favorite hair color, the sew-in hair extension has a lot of pros to offer. But aside from the long list of pros the sew-in offers, you must be aware of the cons beforehand. Continue reading the article to learn about sew in hair extensions pros and cons to decide if sew-in extensions are really made for your hair type. 

Sew in hair extensions pros and cons

Pros and cons of sew-in

Sew-in hair extensions pros 

Full hair coverage in no time

The pros of installing the sew-in hair extension are that it offers full coverage to natural hair, and you can get the extension installed in no time by a professional hairstylist. Since this extension is perfectly stowed on the track, it will give you a flawless look without anyone getting to know about your extensions. 

hair coverage

The sew-in hair extension is usually available in the market in 14, 20, and 24 inches lengths. 

No need for glue or tape

The sew-in hair extension requires no adhesive or tape to attach to your hair. This means you can enjoy the sew-in hair extension without fear of causing damage to your hair.

hair extension adhesives

Many other forms of extensions are applied with an adhesive or tape, and there is a potential that your hair extension will fall out when you remove them.

In contrast, the sew-in hair extension installation technique is followed by closely braiding down the natural hairs to get a track. A needle and a thread are used to carefully stow the sew-in extension on the track to give your hair a thicker and more voluminous look. 

Help short hairs to grow 

Have you recently trimmed your hair and are now kicking yourself? – Sew-in hair extensions are here to help!

hair growth

Aside from adding length and volume to your hair, the sew-in hair extension gives your natural hair some much-needed time to rest and grow. 

Explore new hairstyles 

Every woman enjoys styling her hair differently and trying out new looks. The issue is that most hairstyles look stunning on thick, long, and voluminous hair.

The sew-in hair extensions offer this adequate volume to your hair and allow you to switch to your favorite hairstyle you have been dreaming of for years. 

sew-in hairstyles

Textured updos, natural blow out, and billowing curls are among the best hairstyles you can show to your stylist to style your hair and help you enjoy the pros of sew-in hair extensions. 

Heat-free hair extension:

The pros of getting the sew-in hair extension are that you can get it installed without subjecting your hair to heat during the installation process. The other type of extensions may require heat to get installed. However, it can cause hair damage.

heat free

So, if you are looking for a heat-free extension while caring a little extra for your hair, the sew-in extension is the perfect go-to option. 

Protective hairstyle 

The sew-in hair extension comparatively gives a more protective hairstyle than other types of hair extensions available in the market. 

The proper installation of natural or synthetic hairs to the braided human hairs makes it possible to take part in physical activities while allowing your hairstyle to be still in the correct place. 

Low-maintenance hair extension 

The sew-in hair extension works best for the woman with demanding work hours. 

Compared to the other types of extensions, the sew-in requires minimal aftercare once it is installed.

You no longer need to be concerned about your hair with sew-in hair extensions. Just use sulfate-free shampoos, and avoid hair tangling by gently brushing your hair. Visit your hairstylist for enjoying the best sew-in hair extensions before and after looks. 

Long lasting results 

Compared to the other type of extensions, it offers better and long-lasting results. The properly blended extension hair best suits thick hair and works for short hair, too, as the roots are not visible.

long-lasting extension

It is relatively inexpensive, durable, and can stay fresh ideally for up to six to eight weeks with proper aftercare. 

Easy to remove extension

Taking the extensions off is another kind of stress as you lose most of your hair which also results in hair damage. You often get fed up or tired of this job, such as in tapes-in and clips-in.

Sew extension provides you that comfort zone of removing them easily by just cutting the thread, which provides the extensions the support to remain attached to your real hair.

Another pro is that hair breakage will be avoided because these sew-in extensions are sewn into your hair with the help of a needle and a thread.

Sew in hair extension cons

Do sew in extensions damage hair?

The short answer is: Maybe sometimes. Let’s dive into some possible pitfalls.

Not preferable for thin hairs

Sew-in hair extensions are not preferable for women with thin hair, which are more prone to hair breakage. 

not for thin hairs

The reason for this is that your natural hair will be transformed into braids, and after that, the extensions will be sewn. 

The tight sewing may result in pulling your hair, causing hair breakage or scalp damage. 

Hunt for a professional hairdresser

sew in guide

Unlike the other types of extensions, the sew-in extensions’ installation process is lengthy, complex, and tiring, and installing it on your own at a beginner level is quite risky. The sew-in extension takes approximately 3 to 5 hours to be done neatly. 

Thus, you may have to spend some energy hunting for a certified professional to install the sew-in extensions to give you a new look with new hair.

Difficult installation 

The sew-in hair extensions are installed using a needle, thread, and other hair extension tools. 

Sew-in hair extensions impart painful effects in case of improper handling resulting in the pulling of hair and hair damage. These problems usually occur when they are not handled or installed in a proper way, so we will surely suggest you consult a professional.

Oil buildup on scalp

Washing your hair with the sew-in extensions on is a big deal. Since the hairs are tightly braided, it increases the chances of bacteria and oil buildup on the scalp. The hair sprays used may worsen the situation and cause itching.

oil buildup from extension

To avoid any possible discomfort with your hair extensions, avoid hair tangling and wash your hair properly, ensuring that the shampoo reaches your scalp to get rid of product buildup. 

Why you should get sew-in hair extensions?

If you want to add volume and length to your real hair or want to change the color of your locks, the sew-in hair extension is the safe, most robust, and most permanent type of extension on the market. 

Also, people with short hair love to consider sew-in hair extensions to enjoy that long hair natural look and style their hair differently. 

why sew in

Unlike the other type of extensions, since the sew-in hair extension is directly sewn into the natural hair, your hairs require very little upkeep, which is a plus point for women to consider with a hectic work routine. 

What are some best sew-in extensions?

Sew-in extensions are available in multiple textures in the market, giving a long list for women to choose from. If you are going to have your first experience, you may get confused between choosing the straight, curly, or silky hair texture. 

To help you choose the right hair extension for your look, I have researched the top sew-in extensions available in the market 

Below I have listed my top three sew-in extensions currently available in the market along with explaining the key features of each pick. 

Best overall human hair extension

Mei You Kinky Straight Sew in extension

Best bouncy hair extension

Shiny Sew in extension  

Best double weft extension

UNICE colored extension   

Made of 100% unprocessed virgin human hair 
Full thick soft hair ends
Blends well with semi-straight natural hair
Around $100
Made of Real Human Hair
Double Weft can be attached using the preferable method. 
 Around $150 
Strong double-weft extension 
Can be bleached, dyed, heated, and styled as you wish 
Can make sew in or make a wig, or do ponytails
Around $250 

1- Mei You Kinky Straight Sew in extension  

If you are looking for a Brazilian texture sew in extension, you can consider Mei You kinky extension to style with.

The pros point is that it is made of pure human hair, ensuring no chemical contact with your pure hair. 

To make your head with the Meiyou extension, you only need 3-4 bundles.

The hair extension weighs 95-100 g/pc and the high-quality texture does not result in shedding problems. The soft hair end makes it a perfect go-for option.

The takeaway: 

Buyers appreciated the extension quality and showed perfection over the perfect blending with natural hairs. 

However, a few buyers have complained about color loss after exposing it to heat, so I recommend only exposing your sew-in extension to low temperatures and avoiding heating too frequently for the best results.

2- Shiny Sew in extension

The extension length of the shiny sew-in is up to 22 inches and comes with a double weft hair bundle, offering a thicker look to hairs. The best part I liked about this extension is that it can be installed in four different ways.

It is also a considerable option for women who love changing their hair color often, as it allows you to color-dye your extension. 

The takeaway: 

The majority of the buyers showed satisfaction with the product and loved the thick texture to get a luscious look but some of them complained about thin hair ends too. 

Note: This extension can only be dyed to dark colors. Not fit to be bleached! 

3- UNICE colored extension 

I personally experienced the UNICE colored sew-in extension and loved it because of the strong double-weft extension available in the market. The results of the double weft for maintaining the quality even after folding over were incredible!

It blends perfectly with real hair giving a much-loved wavy, curly, and brown-blonde color look. 


I just loved this sew-in extension for maintaining the quality over a long time. But I would suggest you seal the wefts before wearing the extension to prevent shedding in the future. 

How to choose the right extension? (Exactly what i look for)

choose right sew in extension

Hair extensions are the easiest way out there to add length and volume to your short hair, however, before investing in hair extension, it is important to understand what you should look for in your go-for hair extension to make the right decision and enjoy a perfect look. 

1. Know the right length of your hairs

Before stepping in to choose a hair extension, always know the right length and weight of your natural hair. This will help you to look for the correct length of extension that suits your look.  

Knowing the weight of your hair is critical in making the right decision while choosing an extension because choosing heavier hairs with thin natural hair textures can severely damage the roots.

2. Consider your lifestyle

Before selecting the right extension, it is important to take into account your lifestyle. Because hair extensions require maintenance to be more durable and to avoid oil buildup on the scalp, you should be familiar with all of the different types of hair extensions on the market.

If you are considering a sew-in extension, understand the sew-in hair extensions pros and cons for a better decision.

Also, the weft and bonding extension does not go well with the women more active in physical activities. 

3. Consider your natural hair color

The next step is to consider the color of your natural hair to avoid ending up with a mismatched extension color. 

Your extension should be perfectly blended with your natural hair to enjoy a luscious look and this cannot be possible without considering the real hair color. 

4. Quality check

Before buying the hair extension, consider how long you want to wear them and plan your budget accordingly. If you want to enjoy the long hair look for quite a long time, investing in low-quality hair extensions will be crap. 

Invest in a high-quality extension, preferably the human hair or remy extension, to style and wear it with full confidence. 

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Are sew-in hair extensions expensive? 

The cost of a sew-in hair extension ranges between $100 and $600. The price of a sew-in hair extension is usually determined by the type of extension (synthetic or human hair), the quality, and the length.

Are sew-in extensions bad for your hair?

No, none of the types of hair extensions are harmful to your hair if you know how to choose the right extension, have it installed by a certified stylist, and maintain their appearance with care.

How long does sew-in extensions last?

The sew-in hair extension lifespan ranges between six to eight weeks, depending upon the extension quality and the proper after-installation maintenance it gets.