7 tips on how to take care of weave at night

The term ‘weave’ generally refers to a hairstyle adopted by modern-day females for the increased thickness of the hair and a charismatic look. However, often times it is difficult to be dealt with. At night, when the technological gadget shows a screen time of six or seven hours, the hair loses its original state and is burdensome for females. Here, I will discuss the various strategies to be adopted as a quick solution to this, and furthermore will discuss how to take care of weave at night. Therefore, grab a coffee and stay connected till the end. 

How to take care of weave at night


Before we dive into the topic, it is essential to be aware of the disadvantages of improper maintenance of weaves. A significant disadvantage would be a shorter lifespan of hair which gives birth to hair fall. In addition to this, lack of flawless look and itching at times would put oneself back foot. Consequently, It is imperative to take care of hair follicles which is achievable by having strong maintenance of weaves and hair. A few steps are here about how to take care of weave at night.

7 Steps to take care of weave at night

1. De-tangle it

The primary aspect to consider is to de-tangle the weave. This step simply requires removing tangles from the hair, i.e., the openness of the hair. The de-tangling of the hair process is imperative to brush the hair.

Brushing the hair every night ensures the removal of knots and a naturalistic look in the hair throughout the day. Sleeping in tangled hair will create a lose-lose situation and would consume most of the time in the repair of hair, which could have been invested in some other productive work.

Weave care hair brushing

 However, there are different techniques of hair care to be used depending on the hair texture.

2.  Moisturizing

Moisturizing the hair is extremely important, as it acts as a hindrance to, adding to the personality of an individual. As a result, hair fall is drastically reduced and hair growth seems favorable. This benefits in the long run. 

Hair moisturizer

As in the case of a weave over hair, moisturizing will prevent dryness and add shine, simultaneously aiding in hair growth. There are a number of effective moisturizing products available in the market for sale purposes for hair.

It might come as a surprise to many that consuming a vitamin-rich diet also does the work.

3. Cover it

The third step requires covering the straight hair to prevent the build-up of tangles. This would, in turn, minimize the wear and tear of the weave and protect the hairstyle. If one does not fully implement this step, the former two steps would be of no benefit.

4. Sleeping on silk

Once you occupy the weave as smooth and shiny, it is now more important to maintain its consistency. This is possible by avoiding the use of frictional materials – materials that cause a movement. The best example of frictional material that surrounds us is cotton. Silk, a fiber that contradicts friction, can be used to maintain the smoothness and shine of the weave. 

Silk pillow for hair

5. Dry your hair before sleep

If you have washed your hair before sleeping, it must be assured that you have dried your hair thoroughly. If there is any moisture that tangles in your hair or it may be in your weave lace, then here is an alarming thing that will cause a problem for you. 

When you don’t dry your hair properly and go to bed with wet hair. There are chances that after sometimes your hair smells bad. It can cause damage to your hair as well as your skin under the hair. It also has the potential to drastically affect the growth of your hair. 

weave night care

So it is recommended to all ladies that you must have to sit under a dryer before going to bed or making a braid of your weave. In this way, surely you can get care of your shiny and smooth lace or weave.

6. Braid your hair

To keep your hair shiny and amazing you must follow this strategy. When you braid your lace of weave at night they simply caught in a good way. Otherwise, they spread on your bed, or sometimes they may be crushed below you, so it is a key point in, how to take care of weave at night. This thing causes hair damage especially double ends in your hair.

braiding hair

So must keep it in your mind and make it a routine of your daily life that you have to braid your hair or time your weave on top of your head to protect hair from unprotected and bad consequences. Braid is the best way to keep your hair protected and they also assist in the growth of your hair length. 

7. Less use of products

We all have heard that “Excess of everything is bad”. There is the same formula will apply to our weave. Some girls are very fond of hair products or they use a bunch of products to make their hair smooth, beautiful, shiny, and flawless. But no, if you use these products in very excess, they will cause your hair to get damaged and destroyed. This thing will snatch your money and beauty.

So, it must be recommended that you have to adopt a middle line to select and use hair products for your weave. Also, use such items or products which suit your body and hair. They should not have any adverse effect on your hair. Must choose products keenly and then apply them to your hair. Never use any cheap quality product for your lace, or weave.

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Why does my lace itch at night and disturb me?

When there is a condition, when you tighten your hairs or weave too tightly they pull follicles from the roots of hairs. It causes skin itching and hurting. So keep in mind that you have to loosely tie your pace so it will be comfortable for you. 

How to sleep with a sew-in?

Sew-in is a method of lace or hair extension in which your weave is semi-permanently attached to your hair. So you can easily sleep without any fear of damaging or removing lace.

How to maintain curly weave overnight?

To protect your curls and want to see them as it is in next morning. You have a simple way to make a pineapple-like style catch your lace into a ponytail and make a loose bun on top of your head so the weave remains on your head and never damaged. 

How to take care of sew-in the hair at night?

To protect your sew in a light ponytail is the best way to protect your lace. Or may loosely make a bun of your sew-in. You can cover it with a fabric to make it easier to sleep. 

Can I use Flexi rods on weave hair?

Yes, you can use Flexi rods on weave hair.

How to use Flexi rods on weave hair?

You have to use this lace very carefully. You have to use Flexi rods and then let it for 3 hours or overnight. For better results keep them overnight. Then open your weave and shake your head gently, now they will look amazing. 


As a woman, it is your first right to look elegant and amazing. Hair is a center point and one of the most attractive features of your beauty. We enhance its glamour by doing care and using a weave. So we have to know all the good and bad points to remain comfortable with this inorganic product. This article must have helped you to know how to take care of weave at night to enjoy long-lasting results.