Best shampoo and conditioner for tape in extensions

A few years back, I got my first tape in extensions done to add volume to my thin hair and amplify my look. The best part I loved about them was they were super easy to maintain, and one could avoid the stringy look of the strands by washing them with the right shampoo.

As a fresher tape-in extension user, I faced multiple challenges maintaining my extensions. Extensions require nourishment, which can only be done by using the right product to wash it.

With my good years of experience with tape in, I am always looking to get my hands on a perfect hair care product. While searching for an excellent extension shampoo, I found a handful of the greatest. I have listed the best shampoo and conditioner for tape in extensions for your help and direction.

If you are struggling with your extension, continue reading to the end to find out what shampoos and conditioners for tape-in extensions I used and what results I got.

Tips to keep your tape-in extensions damage free

Best shampoo and conditioner for tape in extensions

Having healthy, nutritious, silky, voluminous, and happy hair is a wholesome blessing. No matter your hair length or type, you can always apply tape in extensions to add more stars and charm to your hair. Good hair is one of the first things someone notices about you, so why not add more beauty to your personality by tapping in extensions?

If you have tape-in extensions, I recommend you not wash them every day. This is because water could dissolve the tape’s bond (like it did with mine) and try not to jump in a chlorinated pool. Dry or sulfate-free shampoo is the best approach to washing your extensions and making them long-lasting.

My Top Picks

Best shampoo and conditioner for tape in extensions

With my extensions on, I put a lot of energy into testing multiple shampoo and conditioner kits. Some were on my friend’s recommendation, some after reading online reviews, and only a few worked exactly and gave me the results I was looking for. Below I have come up with my favorite tested shampoo and conditioner set.

1. Keratin Reconstructing Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

Best overall shampoo and conditioner kit

Keratin Reconstructing Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

This keratin reconstructing shampoo was the best of all I tested on my tape in extension. I got it recommended by a friend to use on my natural hair, but I ended up putting on my extension and got fabulous results.

The product bottle is 355 ml, an excellent quantity for just a few bucks. The formula contains the power of keratin, the essential nourishments of jojoba, and argan oils that worked perfectly to smoothen my extension.

I got my hands on this shampoo when the locks seemed to turn dry, but this kit’s hydrating property dramatically restored shine and fixed the issue after several tries.

I turned my extension so easy to manage, and I loved easily brushing my extensions right after using this duo.

I found a Keratin kit for extension from the same brand, but it only works on damaged hair, while the one I tested mentions that it can work on all hair types.

What I like: What I dislike:
  • Reduce tangling.
  • Strengthens the cuticle.
  • Makes the hair easy to style.
  • It can be used on all extensions.
  • Applying a little extra product affected my tape in adhesives.
  • I recommend using the product in a lesser quantity than usual. Do not directly apply to the bonds.

2. B3 Brazilian Bondbuilder Extension Trio Set

Best for tape in extension repair

B3 shampoo and conditioner for tape in

This shampoo, conditioner, and finishing spray set had my heart in just the 2nd testing round. Dealing with product buildup with my extensions was normal until I tried the shampoo from this kit.

The shampoo acts as a multi-active cleanser, and I used to feel my hair clean instantly after the shampoo hit my head. The perfect leathering up, deep cleansing, and conditioning were among the best outputs followed.

I also noticed that this kit did not wash or fade out the color but extended my extension’s lifetime slightly more than average.

If you experience your extension slipping down after getting a shampoo, I recommend you give it a try, as this is the first time I have had my extensions not slip or come loose since I started using these products.

The shampoo and conditioner are each 12fl ounces, and the setting spray is 4.75fl. Ounces, sound quite perfect if you are tight on your budget and need a quality product.

What I like: What I dislike:
  • Sulfate and silicon-free formula.
  • Re-inforces fiber strength by bond-building technology.
  • Won’t loosen bonds or adhesives.
  • Instant smoothness.
  • Fills in and repairs damage.
  • Extension color protectant.
  • The product is not fit for extra oily and less voluminous strands, as the heavy ingredient may weigh them down.

3. L’OREAL PROFESSIONNEL PARIS Shampoo and Conditioning Kit

Best bond builder for tape in

Bond builder hair product for tape in

I was seeking hair care items that would not weaken my ties, and L’OREAL Professional Paris Shampoo And Conditioning Kit worked for it. The shampoo is enriched with Gold Quinoa and Protein and is formulated for damaged hair.

I used it on my extension when the adhesive bond started to weaken. This shampoo helped my extensions mix nicely with my hair and worked as a bond builder.

I loved how it offered attachments a perfect look, exactly like my natural hair.

I also adored that the shampoo formula gently cleanses the surface and offers considerably smoother extension after a few washes.

After a few regular apply, my hair and extensions appear seamless. They feel healthy from the first installation through every move-up visit, preventing breakage at anchor points and without weakening bonds or adhesives.

I loved the results even more after using the shampoo with a L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Conditioner. It immediately restores the damage, prevents breakage, and enhances color vibrancy.

What I like: What I dislike:
  • It will not loosen bonds or adhesives.
  • Strengthens the fiber.
  • Keeps debris from accumulating at anchors.
  • Color fading and wash-away protection.
  • Appropriate for chemically treated hair.
  • One flaw I found in this shampoo is that it is expensive; it could have been better or cheaper.
  • It felt a little harsh on my scalp.

4. Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Conditioner

Best for tape in color enhancement

color protectant shampoo for tape in

My favorite activity with my natural hair tape-in extension was to get it colored and look different from the crowd. After getting the dye, I saw my extension color bleed when I washed my hair with a regular shampoo.

After testing multiple products, the one that fit me was Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo.

My experience with this protein-fused, formaldehyde-free shampoo was quite good, and I noticed this kit gave my hair a new life.

One thing to mention is that before testing Nexxus, the wrong testing on my colored hair left them thin and dry. I could feel my extension look healthy and vibrant with few washes.

I used it on my dry strands, and the hydrating property of the shampoo made a real difference. It left my hair smooth and softened, making it easy to detangle the strands without breakage.

So, if you have difficulty cleaning and managing your color-treated hair, I recommend trying it.

This kit weighs 4.23 lbs and cost me around $50, which felt quite extra because some features did not work the way they should.

What I like: What I dislike:
  • Enhanced vibrancy.
  • Moisturizing formula.
  • Strengthening strands.
  • Prevent breakage.
  • Works on dry strands.
  • Eliminate frizz and split ends.
  • The conditioner was a total mess for my strands. It took a lot of energy every time to rinse it out.
  • It might weigh down oily hair.

Previously, it was all about the Shampoo and Conditioner DUO; however, if you’re looking to have both as a separate product, I covered that as well. Let’s check out my IDEAL pick for each.

Best Shampoo for tape in extensions: Design Essentials Conditioning Shampoo

Ideal essential shampoo for tape in

This conditioning Shampoo is a gentle cleanser specially formulated to prolong the beauty of wigs and extensions. The gentle sulfate-free formula, enriched with Vitamin E and antioxidants, of this conditioning shampoo detangles and refreshes hair while moisturizing and adding shine.

I experimented with it on my curly and a friend’s straight hair. It smoothed out my extensions, made my hair more manageable, and gave me a durable high-gloss look after every wash.

Most extension shampoo leaves behind a product film, dulling the extension, but I experienced nothing with this one; probably the best shampoo for tape in extensions; I got my hands over it.

There is just one issue; the product does not set fit on extra fine soft hair.

What I like: What I dislike:
  • Maintains and protects the extension
  • Sulfate-free formula is gentle.
  • Formulated with a conditioning agent.
  • Detangles and revitalizes hair to reduce shedding.
  • It moisturizes hair and makes them shine more.
  • Specifically formulated for wigs, weaves, and extensions.
  • It matted my soft-haired-tape-in extension; it could do it to yours too.
  • Not fit for soft hairs due to heavy texture.

Best Conditioner for tape in extensions: B3 Brazilian Bond builder Extension Repair Conditioner

ideal conditioner

I adored using this multi-active conditioner on my extension to keep them moisturized and safe from tangles. This conditioner is enriched with caster, coconut oil, glycerin, and other ingredients to keep the extension in place.

This conditioner enhanced the life of my extension by healing damage to natural and extension hair without causing bonding to break.

The conditioner also made my extension moisturized by its moisture-rich formula. The best part was it minimized the damage level on my extensions while detangling or styling my strands.

The plus point is that it fits on chemically treated hair too.

What I like: What I dislike:
  • Restores extension shine
  • Repairs damage.
  • Prevent heat styling damage.
  • Won’t loose bonds
  • Silicon free.
  • I couldn’t use it in my everyday routine as it loosened the tape adhesives.

What to look for when buying shampoo and conditioner for tape in extensions

Finding a decent everyday use shampoo and conditioner for your tape in might take a lot of work. But don’t worry! With a few quick looks at the ingredient list, I have covered you with my top advice on choosing a fantastic everyday shampoo.

Do not buy any shampoo or conditioner for tape in hair if it contains the following ingredients:

Extension type

Before picking up your shampoo and conditioner for tape-in, it is better to go for specially formulated hair products for this cause. Using a regular shampoo and conditioner may work, but if it contains ingredients not fit for your extension type, it can cause damage.

Get your hands on mild shampoos and conditioner because they can protect the tape-in adhesives from loosening their bond, works as a color protectant, and increases the life span.


Avoiding oils as the main ingredient in your hair care products may sound strange. Oils are a strengthening source for the strands and help them keep moisturized.

But shampoo and conditioner with excess or heavy oil ingredients can weaken the tape’s adhesive. Moreover, shampooing tape in with the wrong ingredients tends to make the rinsing-out process difficult, leaving behind a layer of product (oil accumulation ) on the scalp, resulting in scalp irritation and hair breakage issues.

Pick the product formulated using light oils to moisturize your strands and keep your extension perfect.


As more and more brands quit using sulfates, I am getting on the same page regarding them.

Using a sulfate-formulated shampoo clearly means lessening the life span of the extension and causing irreversible damage. Sulfate acts harshly on the strands and deprives them of the much-needed moisture by stripping off natural oils, causing tangling, shedding, and much more.

Always get your hands on sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for your regular hair wash and tape in extensions.

Synthetic Fragrances

Many shampoos and conditioners offer a fruity scent. This may feel pleasant to you, but surely not to your strands.

Synthetic scents are formulated using multiple chemicals, which can be detrimental to your extension and cost you long-term.


If your hair product ingredients list includes dimethicone, instantly drop using it. It is added into hair products to soften the strands but mostly ends up forming a thick layer on the scalp, resulting in product buildup and damaging extension look.

What are the do’s and don’ts for tape-in extensions?

tape-in extensions dos and donts


  • Detangle the extension before hair wash
  • Brush your hair twice a day
  • Press panels to keep them in place
  • Use a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner
  • Use a heat protectant spray before heat styling
  • Use silicon and sulfate-free shampoo


  • Avoid using hair products formulated using heavy ingredients
  • Do not over-wash your extension
  • Do not sleep without tying your hair
  • Try easy styling to avoid tangling
  • Avoid contact with chlorinated water
  • Avoid excessive heat styling


Do I need special shampoo for tape-in extensions?

Washing your tape in extension with a regular shampoo is risky for the extension’s life. Pick up the shampoos specially formulated for extensions, or go for the one that is free from sulfates and made of natural ingredients to make your extension stay smooth and in good condition.

What products to use on tape-in extensions?

Since tape-in extensions require extra care, Detangling brush, Dry shampoos, Leave in conditioner and Heat protectant spray is what you should use on them to make them last longer.

How do you keep the tape in hair extensions silky?

Do not use sulfate formulate shampoo to keep the extension silky to prevent oil stripping. Properly wash your extension, use a leave-in conditioner, avoid heat styling and keep your strands nourished to maintain a smooth look.

Winding Up

The most challenging part after installing a tape in extension is to keep maintaining their look. Shampooing tape in the right way significantly enhances the look of extensions, so always get your hands on the Best shampoo and conditioner for tape in extensions available to deal with this challenging part and maintain a long-lasting look.