Is keratin good for curly hair? Everything you need to know

Only a few people are blessed with natural curly strands, but when it comes to daily care, girls are shed-loaded with a lot of dry and frizzy hair in case they expose their scalp to a mass of product use or not managing hair care properly. If you have uneven wavy strands, it is high time to consider what to do with the curly strands to restore their shine and enjoy walking around with your perfect hair look. 

With the advancement in the hair care market, a keratin treatment is now an idealized treatment to get a voluminous, shiny, relaxed, curly hair look. The frizz exempted hair makes it very easy to manage the hair better and strengthens the strands.

Burning with curiosity to know, “Is keratin good for curly hair” and what package a protein treatment offers. Here is all you need to know.

The Curls and Keratin

Is keratin good for curly hair

Curly hair is more prone to frizz, and a lack of keratin exacerbates the appearance. Let’s look at the science behind curls and keratin to see why keratin treatment for curly hair is a wise idea for you.

Keratin is in charge of keeping the structure of human hair intact. Keratin and disulfide bonds (bonds formed by the reaction of two sulfate atoms) are naturally present in human hair. Curly hair has an excess of disulfide bonds, resulting in spirals making it difficult to manage and taking extra time to dry after the hair wash.

The hair that grows around the spiral follicles does not get an equal amount of keratin on all sides, and thus it is important to break the bond to achieve a straight hair look and loosen the curls. 

Keratin treatment is the best option to overcome the curls.

Is keratin good for curly hair?

Do you know that keratin is a naturally produced protein in your hair?

Naturally produced human hair keratin maintains the hair’s strength and shiny look. Still, it gets depleted over time due to multiple factors, commonly pollution, overheating, and exposure to chemical shampoos. 

Artificially added keratin is a real game-changer for curly locks girls who are looking to get frizz free or smooth locks.

Will keratin ruin my curls? 

The keratin treatment is done by adding artificial keratin to the curly strands, actually overcoming the loss of keratin in your strands. The added keratin fills up the open pores to promote curly hair shine and strengthens the bond.

Keratin treatment works amazingly by rebuilding the hair structure, improving the texture of the curls by smoothening the layer, and making the hairs manageable. 

Aside from it, the treatment works to fix porosity issues in curly strands and makes it easy to detangle the curls without volume loss.

Remember, you will not get your natural curls back after this treatment.  

What do keratin treatments do to curls?

Keratin results on curly hair

Curly strands are sensitive and need extra care to maintain their texture with asymmetrical follicles. This is why you need to know, “Is keratin good for curly hair” and what keratin hair curly strands look like. 

Smoothens the curls

Keratin is a semi-permanent straightening treatment that best suits curly strands to smoothen the curves. It lasts for about 3 to 5 months, depending upon the aftercare it gets. Unlike the straightener, it does not guarantee a complete straight finish but reacts differently to every hair type. If you have some extra curls in your strands, you may end with loose curls or a smooth finish after the treatment. 

Fix hair porosity issues 

Curly natural locks require extra care to avoid tangling, and many girls end up putting in so many hair products to maintain moisture. 

The chemicals in hair care products may disrupt hair porosity, but thanks to keratin treatment for offering the required nutrients to nourish the scalp and smoothening the strands in one go. 

Repair split ends 

One of the most noticeable outcomes of keratin treatment is the repair of split ends of curly hair. The keratin nourishes the strands, smoothens the overlap cells, and strengthens the hair bond, making the smooth curly strands look healthy and easy to manage.

How to do keratin treatment for curly hair?

Keratin Treatment

It is very important to know beforehand how to pre-prepare for keratin treatment curly hair to avoid letting the chemicals not stay on your hair for extra time, causing damage. 

Getting a protein treatment is a lengthy procedure, so ensure you have enough time to invest. 

Here is how to get a protein treatment for curly strands.

Step #01 Deep cleanse your hair 

The first step is to cleanse your natural hair deep to remove any product buildup and grease to ensure that the protein gets properly absorbed to give prominent results. 

Deep cleanse your scalp with a clarifying shampoo specially formulated for this purpose. 

Step #02 Blow-dry to remove moisture 

Following the deep cleanse, blow dry your wet scalp to remove moisture. If you have curly hair, dry your strands up to 80% only.

Step #03 Inject keratin solution 

  1. Take the keratin solution and mix it thoroughly. 
  2.  Make four sections of your strands and apply the product to full length. 
  3.  Leave the protein to set.
  4. After 10 minutes, expose your hair strands to another round of blow dry. 

Step #04 Flat iron the hairs 

To seal the solution in your curly hair locks, section your hair in 4 parts and flat iron them in thin sections. 

This will ensure the proper rehydration of hairs to make them look smooth and shiny. 

Once you are done with flat ironing, rinse your hair, and you are all set to style your hair the way you wish! 

Note: Do not tie or braid your locks for up to 78 hours after getting your treatment done. This might leave your strands with bumpy curls – damaging the treatment. 

Also, do not wash your strands within the prescribed time to avoid reversing the process. 

My best-tested keratin hair products 

Keratin hair products

Here are my tested keratin hair products to make the results last longer. Even if you are not interested in getting an actual protein treatment, you can use these products to get some of the benefits this protein treatment offers. 

Shampoo and conditioner 

With my protein suffused hair, I used to wash my head twice a week with Moroccan Argan Shampoo and Conditioner set. The product is crafted with Australian tea tree oil, vitamin B5, collagen, and silk protein for enhanced shine. 

This parabens free shampoo brought the best in my hair after just a few washes and made my curls manageable and easy to style.

It worked on my super curly, frizzy hair, and I hope it will not disappoint you too! 

Keratin hair serum

Looking forward to imbuing your strands with shine, minimizing dryness and frizzy hairs?

When it comes to nourishing my keratin imbued hairs, I used multiple protein hair serums but Vitamins Keratin Protein Hair Serum worked all together, from bringing back life to flat ironed hairs to managing softness and gloss. 

Its paraben free formula induced with  Moroccan Argan and Coconut leaves the strands with a luxurious and silky sleek look. 

Just take a few drops of the serum on your palm, rub it against the other palm to form a layer of the product, and apply gently to your scalp. 

How to take care of keratin treated hair?

Keratin hair care tips

Keratin treatment may cost you a little expensive, but when it comes to the post-treatment results, it tames the frizz of curly hair and gives a sleek look. Here are some do’s and don’t to follow to take care of your flat iron look hair. 

Use a sulfate free shampoo

Post-protein treatment needs some extra care to maintain a sleek look. It is advised to use a sulfate free shampoo or look forward to your stylist getting a prescribed shampoo to avoid any hazardous chemical coming in contact with your keratin-treated hair. 

I personally used Peter Coppola Total Repair Shampoo after getting the protein treatment, and the product worked amazingly to maintain the smoothness and shine and prolonged the keratin treatment results. 

Get a shower filter

The more you keep your protein treated hair protected from chlorinated particles, the better and more long-lasting results you will get. Get a shower filter installed to eliminate the maximum of chlorine particles from shower water and help keep the scalp moisturized to make the treatment last longer.

Do not frequently wash your hair

When it comes to how often to wash your hair, you need to make sure not to wash your hair with the keratin on frequently. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week using a prescribed shampoo by your hair stylist for better and lasting results.

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Keratin offers strength and a smooth look to the hair and is naturally present in our hair. Still, if your uneven curly strands are deprived of the proper amount of this protein, you must instantly get a keratin treatment to enhance the texture of your curls and make them look smooth and less frizzy than ever.