How to get rid of frizzy hair in 5 minutes or even less

It is the start of summer, and you are probably looking forward to long showers and planning beach parties with your friends. Welcoming a summer season is all fun to enjoy pool parties and indulge in physical activities to make your body active. But, do your hairs look the same as excited as your face looks? 

As the season gets a little warmer, many people experience frizzy hair after washing due to the high moisture content in the atmosphere and the lower in their hair. Dry hairs are more prone to get frizz in the summer season by damaging the lipids layers on the strands, disturbing the strand’s property to retain moisture. 

I am here to share some personal secrets about how to get rid of frizzy hair in 5 minutes to help enjoy this season with healthy hair. 

Why does my hair go frizzy after washing?

Causes of frizzy hair

Multiple factors may be responsible for your frizzy hair after washing your scalp. Here are some important factors responsible for your dry hair. 

Showering in very hot water 

Hot weather or hot water are both a big no to your hair. Showering in very hot water or spending much of your time in the pool on a hot weather day can suck the much-needed natural oils from your hair, resulting in frizzy hair. 

Over styling

No one compromise on hair styling, but when it comes to over styling, it is a great risk to your hair health. Exposing your hair to flat ironing or blow drying at high temperatures damages the cuticle, resulting in frizzy curly hair. 

Low porosity hair 

Low porosity hairs are another culprit restricting your strands from absorbing moisture and retaining their smooth and shiny look. 

Frizziniess caused by low porosity hair is due to cuticles being so close together, restring the moisture from getting in. 

Protein moisture imbalance

Experiencing frizzy hairs right after a shower can result from a protein moisture imbalance you have been ignoring for a long time. 

The less moisturized hair looks for more moisture to cover up its needs, and the over-moisturized hair requires protein to avoid curly texture and frizziness.  

Thus you really need to know about your hair’s requirements to meet their need accordingly. 

How to get rid of frizzy hair in 5 minutes with 5 simple steps

tips for frizz free hairs

Experiencing frizzy hair the moment when you are already late to attend an important event can be so much frustrating. But I have got a quick way to fix the frizz within 5 minutes to give your hair a shiny and voluminous look. 

Here is what you have to do! 

Tip#01 Apply a silicon serum before hair styling 

Applying a silicon serum right before styling your hair will be a quick way to tame frizz. Coat your locks by applying silicon serum using a wide-tooth comb to help the cuticle stay smooth and instantly tame frizz.

Tip#02 Hair spray can be your look saver 

Yes, You got it right! I am talking about the traditional method of putting hairspray on your comb before brushing. 

Your frizzy locks are looking for moisture; this method can help your strands hold some weight and give a flattened look for a few hours. 

Tip#03 Use shine sprays to get a quick fix 

Frizziness can give a very awkward look to your new baby hairs growing, and shine sprays can help you tackle it. 

Get a shine spray and spritz it on your palm, rub it against the other and run your fingers down to the lock ends. Do not apply shine spray to the roots to avoid greasy strands. 

Tip#04 Use a moisturizing cream 

Treating frizziness in curly locks can give you a hard time. Curly strands are more prone to coil up, affecting the look. 

Try applying moisturizing cream to get rid of frizziness in 5 minutes, and it will work the same way it works on your skin. 

Tip#05 Go for a messy bun 

How come one forgets to suggest a messy bun or top knot when answering how to get rid of frizzy hair in 5 minutes? 

Try a messy stylish hairdo or go for a top knot to have a casual frizz-free look within 5 minutes.  

Quick remedy to get rid of frizzy hair instantly

There may be a number of moments when you gave up on the tempting idea of taming frizz off your curly hair. I have got some quick home remedies for you to get help from mother nature. Here is to how to get rid of frizzy hair naturally.

Make a banana honey mask for your hair 

remedy for frizz free hair

Rich in potassium, the banana honey mask can never go wrong when moisturizing your hair and avoiding frizziness. 

Ingredients you need: 

✔️ Banana
Argan oil 


Get ripped bananas and mash them till no lumps left. Add two tablespoons of honey to it with argan oil for extra nourishment. Apply the mask to your kinky strands and cover it with a shower cap. 

Leave the mask for an hour, and later wash your hair with shampoo for an amazing transformation. 

DIY Aloe vera coconut mask 

Hair mask for frizz free hair

The coconut oil’s ability to nourish the scalp works best to tame frizziness. Here is how you can make your aloe vera – coconut mask by yourself. 

Ingredients you need: 

✔️ Aloe vera
✔️ Coconut oil
✔️ Vitamin E
Rosemary oil  


Take a quarter cup of aloe vera and blend it. Add two tablespoons of coconut oil and one teaspoon of vitamin E with 8 to 10 drops of rosemary oil. Stir the ingredients to make a smooth mixture. 

Apply aloe vera coconut mask on strands for about 30 minutes and then rinse with a shampoo to get a smooth, shiny, and damp-free look. 

Frizzy hair treatment guide for a permanent fix

Frizzy hair permanent fix

The above shared secrets were all about how to get rid of frizzy hair in a few minutes, but here is how you can get a frizzy hair treatment at home following these simple tips. 

Lamellar treatment 

The lamellar treatment stands above all when it comes to permanent fixes for frizzy hairs. As the name says, lamellar treatment is a water treatment for frizzy hairs that contains all the important ingredients to fix the damaged part of the scalp, nourish it and prevent frizz. 

If you are looking forward to an instant frizziness fix, lamellar treatment is the unrivaled option to go for. 

Use a microfiber towel to dry wet hairs

Drying your curly hair with a regular terry towel can be very harsh to your strands while already experiencing frizziness. Curly locks naturally have a little less moisture, so you need to be extra gentler with them. 

Make it a routine to dry your curly hair with a microfiber towel without causing an issue. 

Use sulfate-free hair products

Almost every other product contains sulfate, the worst enemy of your curls. Besides being a strong cleaning agent, sulfates are very harsh to curly strands and can strip off natural oil and cause dryness and irritation.

It’s time to check the ingredients to ensure that your favorite shampoo does not have any sulfate traces. 

Try some leave-in serums 

The leave-in serums are the key to locking the much-needed moisture in your strands. Hair serums have a special hydrolyzed protein that acts against the static charges causing frizz. 

Apply a little product on damp strands or use it before styling your locks to enjoy a smooth and shiny look.

Protect your hair from humidity 

You must have seen your strands suffering more in the humid weather than on normal days. This is because the curly strands are deprived of moisture, and the high humidity level of the atmosphere goes into your hair, disturbing the hair follicles and causing real havoc. 

Be extra gentler with your strands in humid weather. Make sure to wear a cap or a scarf to cover your locks to avoid direct contact with humid weather. 

Avoid hot water baths and heating tools 

Hot water baths and heating tools are both great enemies of our scalp. Using straighteners or curlers more often is responsible for stripping around 80% of the natural protein (keratin) off your hair, damaging the cuticle and giving rough curls. 

Make it a habit to only take a cold shower bath and use the heating tools at the minimum temperature possible to maintain the moisture level in the scalp and achieve a perfect look. 

Best frizzy hair products

One has to put a lot of effort when it comes to picking out the best hair product to treat frizzy curly hair. I am here to share my secret hair care products that worked the best for my bomb hair and gave jaw-dropping results. 

Handcraft Neem Oil  

neem oil

The 100% pure and natural neem oil is enriched with fatty acids and antioxidants that gently dislodge debris and works as a wonder oil to moisturize and smooth dry hairs. Its additives-free formula improves scalp health, promotes hair growth, and gradually adds volume and shine to dry hairs. 

Apply the neem oil on your strands and leave it for 30 to 60 minutes, followed by a deep conditioning shampoo. 

You can also try adding a few drops of oil to your regular shampoo to achieve desired results. 

Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo


This pH-balanced formulated shampoo is enriched with sustainably sourced Babassu Oil to offer perfect humidity protection to the scalp. The sulfate and chlorine-free formula hydrates and deep cleanse the scalp to offer an enhanced, silky look. 

This anti-frizz shampoo hydrates the scalp and offers protection against heating tools. With this shampoo, you can protect your hair up to 450 degrees. 

 Garnier Anti-frizz Hair Serum 

Anti-frizz hair serum

Hair serums offer a quick response to smoothen unruly locks, and I tried Garnier hair serum for a quick boost to frizzed hair. 

This Garnier serum is infused with  Moroccan argan oil that penetrates down to dry, curly hairs to get rid of frizz and add shine. Apply it to your damp or dry hair and even before styling your curls to get rid of frizziness.

I found it as the best anti-frizz hair serum my strands deserved, and it may be for yours too! 

Keratin Leave-in Hair Conditioning Cream 

GK hair

Fortified with the goodness of keratin, this leave-in hair conditioner helps eliminate split ends and provides the essential moisture to define curls. Blended with natural grain extracts, this moisturizing cream replenishes the hair. It nourishes each strand to fight frizziness by restoring the hair to a healthier, more nourished state without weighing the hair down. 

Note: These are self-tested products and the results may vary according to your hair type. 

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The natural layer of lipids on our hair strands often gets disturbed due to multiple factors, including the environment and our wrong approach to treating and styling hair. I hope my secrets have equipped you with many of the quick and best approaches to instantly offer hydration to your dry strands and fix the frizziness issue.