How to fix hair breakage on top of head – 7 tips

Long hairs are the women’s crown which they love to wear and style confidently. But no matter how much they try to keep its shine and beauty last longer, they still come across many disappointing factors trying to snatch its artistry. One such culprit is the hair breakage responsible for splitting dry ends and turning the hair strands shorter.

Hair breakage becomes immensely frustrating when you are experiencing it in no other section of your hair, but at the top of your head, leaving behind sparse spots. 

I have brought some easy-to-follow tips and tricks about how to fix hair breakage on top of head.

What is hair breakage?

hair breakage

The breakage anywhere in the length of your hair shaft but not the roots are addressed as hair breakage. Snapping the hairs before growing up to the actual length of your hair gives a weird hairline and makes styling more difficult than ever. 

The problem is not serious until you start experiencing it off the top of your head. Fortunately, you can overcome this damage by following a proper hair care routine and getting your natural healthy, shiny hair back. 

How do I know if I have hair breakage on top of head

Identifying hair breakage at any other section of your head may be a little tricky but when it comes to experiencing hair breakage on top of your head, it is quite visible; still, you can go for the following tips to test if you are suffering from hair breakage. 

Noticing flyaways and uneven short hairs around your hairline is a sign of hair breakage. Such hair tends to have a dry texture followed by split ends. 

This cause to get the hairs around the root becomes poofy and makes the lower ends thinner, exposing hair to more damage. 

How to know if it is a hair fall or hair breakage?

hair fall or hair breakage

Are you among those taking hair fall and hair breakage the same? Here is a clear difference. 

In hair fall, the hair is shed from the root, and the next hair has to grow back from the roots,  while with hair breakage, hair loss from anywhere in the length of the hair shaft, resulting in shorter strand length.  

What causes hair breakage on top of head

Before stepping to how to fix hair breakage on top of head, let’s first look at the factors causing the issue. 

cause of hair breakage

Hair breakage can result from a gene transfer, poor hair maintenance or diet concerns, or environmental factors. The following is a list of factors that your hair may be exposed to more recurrently, causing hair damage.

Sun damage

Our strands should never be exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. The sun’s ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays damage the cuticle, resulting in frizzy, dry hair, loss of natural locks color, and split ends that can travel up to the length of the hair, exposing it to additional damage. 

Using hair styling tools

Using hair styling tools quite often or at high-temperature settings can cause hair breakage by disturbing the smooth layer of the hair, which protects against frizz and limping. This roughness thus makes the strands more prone to break, leaving the shorter strands behind.  

Hair dryness

Exposure of your scalp to harsh hair products can one of the reasons for experiencing hair breakage. Chemicals like sulfate and silicones cause the hair root to become dry, so the strands. 

Dry hair’s scalp turns the strand brittle and thinner, making you experience the most fragile and frizzy hair ever. 

Hair accessories 

Hair accessories are a daily part of women’s hair styling but doing a tight hairdo or using hair bands, or tight clips can put stress on specific parts of the hair, resulting in the pulling of the cuticle. 

The continuous stress on the hair strands results in losing their strength and the weak thin hair strands start breaking more than ever. 

Lack of hair trims

Sometimes strand breakage occurs because it has been a long time since you trimmed your hair. The more time you take to get a haircut, thinking your hair will grow longer, the more it is prone to damage. 

Lack of hair trims means more brittle split ends, resulting in the shedding of hairs. 

Hair treatments 

Apart from using hair styling tools and hair accessories, some hair treatments can be the culprit of your damaged hair. 

Hairs are naturally blessed with disulfide bonds, strengthening the hair strands and making them unbroken. 

Excess exposure of strands to heating tools like curls or hair dryers or getting your strands bleached breaks the disulfide bond, which is very essential to prevent hair breakage and growing healthy strands.

How to fix hair breakage on top of head

How to fix hair breakage on top of head

Experiencing breakage on top of hair is really a frustrating experience and you may get disappointed to know that you can not undo the loss you have gone through. 

There are multiple factors causing hair breakage top of head. Since the loss cannot be reversed, I have got you some easy-to-follow tips to get you out of the woods to prevent hair snapping and make them healthier and stronger to avoid puffiness.

Brush your hair from the end to full length 

If you have been experiencing hair breakage on the top of your head, you may have been brushing your hair the wrong way all those past years. 

Brush your hair from the end and detangle it to avoid putting on stress. The pre-detangling will avoid pulling hairs, and you can easily run your brush to the full length without shedding your hair. 

Also do not over-brush your strands and be gentle with them to avoid future breakage. 

Choose hair products wisely 

Conditioners and Shampoos containing sulphate are the culprits to dry your hair and cause breakage. Using harsh shampoo strips off the natural oil from the roots required to maintain the moisture needed and damages the cuticle, resulting in hair dryness and eventually breakage. 

Next time pick the hair products with the label “sulphate free” to get back your healthy, full, voluminous hair. 

Incorporate hair mask routine 

Incorporating a hair mask in your hair care routine is a great way to prevent breakage and strengthen the strands. Hair masks are provided with moisturizing elements to nourish the scalp, make the hair healthy, and prevent further damage to broken strands. 

Ashley (passionate hair product tester of our blog) has shared some amazing insights on when to use hair mask, what routine to have, how often and how to use for max results. Make sure to check out this guide as well.

Frequently change your hairstyle 

The next thing you should follow to avoid hair breakage and make your strands healthy is to frequently switch your hairstyles, ensuring that none portion of the scalp is under continuous stress. Always go for the one which puts quite lesser to no stress on your strands so that you do not expose your hair to pulling, preventing them to break off. 

Also, when it comes to hair styling, pick hair accessories that are soft and gentle for your hair, to eliminate hair breakage at the top of the head and promote healthy growth. 

Air-dry your hair 

After coming out of a shower, instead of using a hair dryer to “DRY” your locks, let them air dry to maintain strength. Using a dryer on your wet hair boils the water droplets resulting in thin, dry strands.

Also, do not rub your tresses vigorously against a towel to avoid breakage and get back your healthy looking strands.

Follow a deep conditioning routine 

Tresses are more prone to breakage when they are dry and lack moisture to retain their strength. 

Deep conditioning your scalp once a week will put back the moisture in the roots, repair the strand’s breakage damage, and keeps the strand hydrated to maintain the look and grow healthy curls. 

Intake more iron 

It is never all about changing your hair care routine but your diet matters too. When it comes to experiencing severe hair breakage, your body may be deprived of iron, resulting in the strands breaking out. 

Iron prevents hair breakage. You can check your iron level by a blood test and consume iron from sources including oysters and spinach or get supplements on a doctor’s recommendation. 

Best products to stop hair breakage

When it comes to picking up the best product to stop hair splitting, there are a lot of brands in the market to choose from. From the products I have experienced, below are the top best that helped me to say goodbye to thin strands and gave me my natural hair back. 

OUAI hair treatment mask 

anti-breakage hair mask

This mask was the holy grail among all my tested hair masks. 

What it is: The mask contains ingredients containing Shea butter, hydrolyzed keratin and panthenol (a byproduct of pantothenic acid to strengthen strands). The mask is provided with the perfect amount of hydration to prevent damage without weighing the strands down. 

The best part is that it is parabens and sulphate free, and it did not take long to leave my strands with a natural healthy look and fine finish. 

Davines MELU Anti-Breakage Conditioner 

anti-breakage hair conditioner

Our strands need a protective layer to stay strong and resist any damage, and this can only be done using a high-quality conditioner. 

The Davines MELU Anti-Breakage Conditioner feels like a quality mask and provides all the natural ingredients to restore the hair’s natural texture. It hydrates and strengthens the strands and can also be used on curly or color treated strands, to resist humidity and enjoy easy styling. 

Vitamins Keratin Protein Hair Serum For Repair Treatment 

protein hair serum

Looking for a product offering multiple benefits to your tresses at a time? 

This may work for you! 

This Keratin protein serum works as a thermal heat protection shield, repairing dry and damaged hair, controlling frizz, and healing split ends. 

The serum is enriched with Biotin Collagen Moroccan Argan Castor & Coconut Oils and rescues the distressed locks without weighing down the strands. 

It is a non-greasy advanced aqua-based hydrating serum, so you can easily use it before hair styling without worrying about looking upon an oily, split strand at the end. 


Hair breakage is always the result of over-bleaching or dying your strands or using harsh chemicals that strip off the natural oil, causing splitting and drying of hair ends. The issue is super frustrating when experiencing it at no other part but the top of your head, making styling difficult. 

No matter how long it has been you have survived with it; now you can get back your healthy strands and fix the issue by following the suggestions I have shared above. 

Happy Styling!