Washing Hair Extensions for The First Time

Washing Hair Extensions for The First Time (My Recommendations)

The individual’s hair is the first thing that is predominantly observed across the globe. A well-structured hair sets the tone for personal grooming. Concerning this, the use of hair extensions has increased rapidly over the years – with the fashion industry at its boom, females, especially young girls, insert hair extensions into existing hair. Hair … Read more

prevent hair breakage

How to fix hair breakage on top of head – 7 tips

Long hairs are the women’s crown which they love to wear and style confidently. But no matter how much they try to keep its shine and beauty last longer, they still come across many disappointing factors trying to snatch its artistry. One such culprit is the hair breakage responsible for splitting dry ends and turning … Read more

how to get rid of frizzy hair in 5 minutes

How to get rid of frizzy hair in 5 minutes or even less

It is the start of summer, and you are probably looking forward to long showers and planning beach parties with your friends. Welcoming a summer season is all fun to enjoy pool parties and indulge in physical activities to make your body active. But, do your hairs look the same as excited as your face … Read more


Can you swim with hair extensions?

Are you regretting your choice of installing hair extensions with a beach party invitation for the weekend and a call from your physical training center to be back to your swim practices?  The women who love wearing hair extensions often wonder if is it OK to go swimming with hair extensions.  My self, I’m a … Read more

product buildup

What does hair build up look like & how to get rid of

Do you experience hair dryness, and tangling and are often worried about why your hair does not give you the same thick and shiny touch after you just had your shampoo done?  We often ponder to get the answers to these questions while neglecting the white snowflake-type product in our hair, considering it dandruff!  The … Read more